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About the Witch

Isabel is a generational witch and rootworker. She grew up surrounded by her mother’s magic and tapped into her own at an early age as she watched her mom practice witchcraft. Her grandmother was a devout black spiritualist who prayed the psalms like spells though she avoided the word hoodoo. All women in her family are psychic and Isabel has been a medium since childhood. She began seeing ghosts and spirits when she was just a toddler.

Isabel was not just destined to be a witch and a diviner from birth, but her mother also cast a spell to ensure she had a daughter to carry on her craft. So it came as no surprise to her when Isabel came out as a trans woman. Now Isabel follows in the footsteps of her transcestors as a full-time tarot and bone reader. As a black woman she is also tapping into her black girl magic by studying Ifa and the Orisha under an Iyanifa in Lousiana.

Isabel is currently tapping into her deep Southern roots in the Voodoo city of New Orleans where she offers bone readings as well as tarot readings, and makes mojo bags and does candle spells by request. To book any of her spiritual services you may contact her by email.

Thank you for supporting a black owned, trans owned, woman owned business.

Stay Blessed out there y’all!

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